A guide to different rug styles

A guide to different rug styles

Often times the first challenge of decorating that customers face is a lack of understading or vocabulary to define their personal style and needs. We have put together this guide on rug styles to make things easier.

Rugs are largely unaffected by sweeping trends, and the core styles - traditional, contemporary and transitional - remain timeless. Each style is unique, but the majority of rugs fall into one of these categories. Knowing the difference between them, and knowing what style you are looking for will help narrow down your search.

Rugs are a chance to bring character, texture, colour and pattern to a space. They affect the mood and direction of your space, while tying it together and making it feel 'complete'. Consider the overall style of your room and the look you are trying to achieve as we go through the three main categories.



The contemporary rug style is the most versitile and can be incoroprated into many design aesthetics, from minimal and scandinavian to bohemian. These rugs can often be characterised by abstract or geometric elements, and generally suit informal spaces. While the contemporary rug style tends to showcase bold colours and patterns, many are very subtle and sophisticated. This is the most diverse category, and using a contemporary rug can offer a chance to play with contrast and colour, or simply soften a stark and cold space.

Image left: https://theinteriorsaddict.com/darren-palmer-talks-bedrooms
Image right: https://www.decor8blog.com/blog/2013/05/07/renovated-victorian-dream-home


The traditional style usually refers to Oriental or Persian patterns, and traditional European or Victorian patterns. Depending on the setting, traditional rugs can be used to add a sophisticated and formal touch to a room, or to add warmth and interest to an otherwise casual space. These rugs usually feature key elements with similar patterns and colours that sometimes date back centuries, such as borders, intricate floral patterns and central medallions. Common colours are maroon, red, navy, brown, beige, green and black. These gorgeous rugs are used all over the world for their elegant beauty and durability.

Image left: https://www.mydomainehome.com.au/persian-rugs-for-the-kitchen/slide6
Image right: https://loomandkiln.com/


This style of rugs are a unique blend of traditional and contemporary, often featuring traditional motifs and patterns with a modern finish. These hugely popular rugs often showcase a distressed, faded or overdyed look and all-over repetitive designs. Comfortable and classic, transitional rugs suit a wide variety of spaces, adding the warmth and elegance of traditional rugs without being too formal.

Image left: https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2018/7/17/jennas-bedroom-photo-reveal
Image right: https://www.mydomainehome.com.au/townhouse-design/slide17

While other categories and design aesthetics exist other than the ones mentioned above, the majority of rugs fall into one of these categories or their subcategories. You can browse our website by these styles, or head to our shop page to narrow down your search even more with many more options.

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