Finding the right rug size for your space

Finding the right rug size for your space

Any room can benefit from a rug, but determining the right size for each space can be confusing. This guide will help you choose the right rug size for your room. Consider the area you are defining using a rug. One of the main functions of a rug is to pull a room together. Getting the wrong size can throw the proportions off and leave you with an ill-defined space.

Seating Areas

If you are choosing a rug for a small room you can usually get away with a smaller rug that floats in front of the furniture. This is especially true if your sofa is backed up against a wall.

A larger room with floating furniture requires a big rug, else it will make the room look smaller and out of proportion. The rule of thumb when it comes to seating areas with sofas and chairs is that the legs of a chair should be all on the rug – or all off, while the sofa can have just the front legs on the rug. Either of these options work well in rooms where the edge of the seating area is placed against a wall.

In open-concept spaces anchoring the furniture group to the rug by having them all on it is even more effective and creates a spacious look while defining the seating area.


There are many uses and options for a bedroom rug. If you have a larger bedroom, you might want to choose an area rug to go underneath your bed, holding the entire bed along with nightstands and perhaps a bench at the foot of the bed. Another common choice is to use a rug that holds the bottom two-thirds of the bed, but not the nightstands. If your bedroom is large enough to hold a separate sitting area or work area, an area rug works well to define this space. Remember that an area rug should not push up against the walls or the edges of large pieces of furniture.

Smaller rugs are great if you have beautiful hardwood floors that you don’t want to cover, but want a cozier foundation in the morning. Using a runner on both sides of the bed is an inexpensive option that creates a traditional and symmetrical look. Another option is to use a rug to highlight a bench at the foot of the bed.

If your bedroom is very small, the same should not go for the rug you choose. Instead use an area rug large enough to fill the entire room, leaving just a little room between the rug and the walls. Remember to check that the bottom of the door will clear the rug when opening it.

Kitchen and Dining

With the amount of foot traffic the kitchen gets, it deserves a comfortable and durable rug. To simply prevent the floor from getting wet and add a bit of padding you might use a small, half-round or rectangular rug in front of the sink. But the larger the space, the more you should cover to make the room feel balanced.

If your kitchen is narrow or you have a center island, runners that extend the length of the kitchen are great way to fill up the space.

When it comes to the dining area, an area rug that holds all of the furniture is the only way to go. Just remember that you need about 24″ extending beyond each side of the table to avoid chairs going off the rug when pulled out.

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